You will need
  • - act in the form of number of KM-3;
  • - the main check;
  • - statement of the buyer or the explanation of the cashier.
There are several cases in which a check is made on the return. The cashier has the right to give money on the refundterm of a cheque only on the day of issuance of the primary check. I.e. if the error of the cashier only noticed the next day after the transaction or the buyer returns the goods not the date of purchase, returnth receipt is not issued, the money is not issued from the cash shop.
If the buyer returns the goods on the day of purchase or the error noticed by the cashier on the day of the transaction, in this case, make out a check for the refund amount, the act on form n KM-3, approved by Goskomstat of Russia 25.12.1998 №132. The act of stick a basic check and a check for the refund, the documents are filed in the accounting Department of the organization. The money in the register will be reduced by the returned amount, make an entry in the journal of the cashier - operator. If the reason the check was issued on the return is the error of the cashier when you work with CMC, take with him an explanation.
In the case that teller error discovered the following day or after the removal of the fiscal report, the buyer returns an item not on the day of purchase - details of the return, e the amount is not entered in the magazine of the cashier-operator. Cancellation of erroneous cash receipt is performed by executing the RKO on the amount of the check. The funds are issued from offices of the organization. To do this, the buyer must write a statement to return, RKO contains the passport data. This procedure is approved by the letter of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from 04.10.1993 No. 18.