Allow to work with the cash register only persons with whom a contract of liability. Keep the key device in enterprise Manager. Connect the cash register to the network when you need to beat a check. After the display the inscription "Request", type KZ BB to check for a valid date.
If necessary, correct it and click BB. You must now enter the current time and confirm the changes by pressing BB. if everything was done correctly, on the display of the cash register will light up the "0.00" and it switches to "Cash".
Spend a mandatory operation when you first run the cash register. It consists in the introduction of the following values: (50K 100R) -1D – BB = - BB. Now you need to create a Z-report, which is pressed sequentially KZ – 2V – VV. After that, type KZ – 1D – VV to create a X report.
After that, click twice the reset. If you break a check with the specified amount, the cash register is OK. In some models this procedure may vary slightly, so please check manual.
Read all the nuances of using the cash register and consult with experienced cashiers. They will tell you what difficulties can occur when working with cash receipts and how to avoid it. Also, the company must be certified by signature and seal instruction on the rules of working with cash register.
Use the enterprise cash registers only if an appropriate license and certification. Otherwise, the organization will be assigned penalties, which can also be assessed in identifying errors in the purchase receipt during tax audits. Cash registers should only be used for the implementation of the cash payments, which are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.