If you cash the check, and you need to get his number, look closely at the document. The information you need can be top and bottom (all depends on the model of cash registers). Don't confuse the cheque number code cash register. Sometimes the fiscal document contains wording such as "Check # ___". Just after the sign "#" is the desired number.
Some of cash documents number written next to the transaction date or the line below. In front of the room there will be a sign "#". Also, this information may be released with the phrase "voucher Number".
If you are unable to find information on a fiscal document, contact the store where you made your purchase. If it's a supermarket, go to the cashier or to the gym Manager and get the information you need.
If the check is lost and for some reason you need to know the document number, please contact the trading room where you acquired the goods. In this case, you must provide your passport, name the date and approximate time of purchase. If you tell the name of your purchased product – number search is a relatively short time. As a rule, all information is stored in a computer database, so even if you lose the document, you have the opportunity to check again.
If you need to clarify the number of the lost receipt, which you received through the terminal or ATM, contact customer support of this device. Phone numbers you can find in the terminal. If you have made transactions through the Bank's ATM, contact the financial Department with a request to recover the lost document. The Bank employee will ask you to provide personal account number, passport and application to restore lost document.