How to avoid danger? First of all, before you gather around the city, check the weather forecast. If forecasters promise a thunder-storm, it is better to cancel the trip or reschedule it for another day. But if happened to be a thunderstorm, one on one, take security measures.
If the lyrics take you by surprise, calculate how soon will you be on storm front. This can be done by ear, marking the first clap of thunder after the lightning flash. On the basis of the speed of sound: 3 seconds-it takes about 1 kilometer. The shorter the interval between flash and thunder, the closer the storm.
Being in a country house or dacha, during thunderstorms close all Windows, doors and chimneys. Don't you heat the oven and light the fireplace, because lightning can strike into the pipe, hot gasses coming from it have high electrical conductivity.
Don't stand near a window and don't talk on your home or cell phone. Stay away from electrical wiring, drains from roofs, the aerial, do not open water tap. Turn off the television, radio and other appliances.
If the storm caught you in the woods, to shelter, look after the undersized plot. Do not stand under tall trees, especially poplars, oaks, ash-trees and pines, they attract lightning. Remember, the taller the tree, the greater the probability of hitting.
If you are swimming or are near a pond during a thunderstorm, then you are a perfect susceptor. Urgently get out of the water and away from shore, go with the elevated areas in the lowlands. Forget the umbrella, it has many metal parts and in a thunderstorm may render you bad service.
The field is open countryside and there is nowhere to hide. Your main task is to become the lowest point in this space. Do not approach the stones, boulders or bushes, lie down and take cover in the dry lowlands.
If during a thunderstorm you are in the car, you are not in danger. The metal body of the car is closed loop, it is for him or raw wheels charge will go into the ground. Take care only of how to lower car antenna and stay away from tall trees.
If, nevertheless, the person next to you has suffered from lightning, give him a quick and capable support. Keep the victim warm, if possible, have some tea. If the person is unconscious, swipe resuscitation: give artificial respiration, indirect heart massage. Treat wounds and burns place. Give analgesic - dipyrone, solpadein - if the person can swallow. Then urgently take the victim to a medical facility.