After the puppy appeared in your house for quite some time, it should be fed the same as the breeder fed him. Usually, club puppies are fed dry food, in which everything necessary for their growth and development the nutrients are already balanced in the right ratio. If you continue to feed a puppy dry food, just follow the guidelines on the packaging and the advice of sales consultants.
чем кормить йоршекских терьеров
In that case, if puppy decided to turn to natural food, you should observe the ratio of products of animal and vegetable origin in the diet. Three-fourths shall be the products of animal origin, one – quarter of the vegetable. Be aware that you can overfeed your pet in any case it is impossible – its weight will become higher than normal, and the growth more intensively, which will inevitably lead to the problems associated with the development of the backbone. Mainly for a puppy JackRussell Terrier is not the amount of feed and its quality.
Как кормить йорка
Organize a permanent feeding place. The bowl must always be at a level slightly below its snout, its height is adjustable for the growth of the puppy. Water had to be constantly, but the food left after a meal, you need to remove before the next feeding. To saturate the dog enough 20 minutes. The rate of feeding for puppies 10% of their weight, and for adult dogs 3-5%.
кормление щенка йорка в 4 месяца
To four months the puppy should be six-time feeding, as the growth in this period is very intense. In addition to the diet of boiled meat with rice and vegetables, the dog needs to 2-3 times a week boiled egg and boiled sea fish. In the puppy's diet yet have to be dairy products, you can give baby kefirchik, natural unsweetened yoghurt, cottage cheese. Fruit can be given every day, as well as various cereals. Consistency of food – like liquid sour cream.
как назвать щенка йоркширского терьера мальчика
The number of feedings after 4 months reduce to four, after 6 to three, and with 9 months you can go to twice a day feeding. Well after a year of weekly to arrange the dog half-day fasting.
чем кормить щенка джек рассел терьера