You will need
  • drugs with codeine;
  • - inhalation;
  • - milk and honey;
  • - expectorant herb.
Well cropped cough codeine drugs. But recently they are sold only by prescription. If you are unable to tolerate more, contact your physician for an appointment. Free access to a "Libeksin," but you can drink it only after consulting with a specialist.
To remove the attack of the night coughing will help inhalation. Open the faucet in the bathroom and breathe the moist air for a few minutes. If you do not feel better, pour into a wide and deep bowl of hot water, add soda or essential oils of silver fir. Try to breathe in the fumes as deeply as possible – this will moisten the bronchial tubes, and the oxygen will start much faster.
Heat the Cup of milk and add a tablespoon of honey. SIP and lie down. Try to sleep if there is a desire to cough, try to suppress it. The more you strain the throat, the stronger the attacks.
If nocturnal cough caused by tickle in the throat during the period of sore throat or laryngitis, orosite the tonsils and throat "Doctor", "Stop Angina" or similar sprays. Method of application please specify in the annotation.
Try to soften the cough with the help of expectorant drugs. To take them with codeine means impossible. Well helps decoction of licorice root, thyme and wild rosemary. Steep in boiling water 2 tablespoons of raw materials, take 30 ml 4 times a day. The effect will not appear immediately, but after a few days the cough will cease to bother you and become wet.
When the pain in chest during attacks of night cough as soon as possible to visit the hospital and get tested. If necessary you will be referred for chest x-rays or x-rays. Follow the General instructions of the therapist.