Since cough is a frequent phenomenon, then literally every house in this case is stored the whole Arsenal of folk remedies. The most common of these are teas with herbs, compresses, rubbing and other warming treatments. So to start, try a warm drink – tea with lemon, honey and ginger root, and also with raspberry or blackcurrant jam, or pureed viburnum, sea buckthorn, with various herbs, the fees of which are sold in all pharmacies. You can also use this pretty commonly used recipe to decrease the cough: a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of butter and half a teaspoon of baking soda, pour hot milk and drink in small SIPS. Well suited to this purpose, milk with goat fat. These tools soften the throat and reduce cough. Don't forget that the right tool, like a black radish with honey.
Use different cough drops; it is known to use cough burnt sugar (melt on the spoon with a drop of water to brown, and when the mass has cooled, it is possible to use). When it starts coughing, before eating different sucking tablets or plates, try to breathe deeply and calmly breathing in the fresh air. This, of course, necessary strong-willed effort, but the attack usually goes.
Try to use emergency heating procedure, of course, if you have no fever: mustard plasters on the chest or back, dry mustard in socks the bag with warm millet on his chest, capsicum plaster. Poparte feet, put on warm socks and go to bed.
Purchase a simple apparatus for inhalation, or at least use a pot, covered with a blanket, to conduct inhalation with eucalyptus, cedar oil.
Well inhibit the cough medicines containing codeine. Some of them are sold without prescription. Try them you can, but first, carefully read what is written in the instructions included with these tablets: indications, contraindications, dosages, etc.; and, secondly, it may be reasonable prior to their use, consult a physician.