Style clothes could not be divorced from the lifestyle of the young people: their occupations, Hobbies, work. He must conform and temperament. Not worth chasing fashion items. Today they are in demand, and gone tomorrow. Besides, they go very many, thus such clothing is not any figure.
If you work in an office, often conduct business meetings, in contact with many representatives of business, you will inevitably have to wear classic clothing. Pick one that will suit your figure. Ties, suits, shirts, coats and cloaks – it's all pre looks stylish. The main thing - to choose the smart, simple things and combine them together in color. Don't skimp on the expensive classic clothes, high quality material and good fit can be seen immediately. Evening classic suit can be changed to strict jeans and turtleneck, also maintaining their own style.
When informal profession or lifestyle you can choose an alternative style. For example, jeans, sweaters and shirts of unusual cut or color, scarves and shawls, original shoes or boots. But all these things, again, should be combined with each other, to be interesting and neat.
If you are comfortable in sports clothes casual, you most of the time actually spent in motion, choose for themselves a sporty style. Wear sneakers, sneakers, jeans and hoodies interesting by combining them with different accessories, for example caps or glasses.
Picking up a certain style, try to withstand it in everything from clothing to haircuts. Buy only those things that sit perfectly on your figure, fit you in color, in which you feel most comfortable and confident. Wear them gently, and let them be a reflection of your inner world.