More elegance!

Many men believe that girls are not necessarily to chase the fashion. When choosing the outfit you need to focus on the trends, and how the result is a very feminine and harmonious. Men hate when a woman dressed as a cabbage (layering) or wear baggy stuff. They admire people, who look elegant: know how to choose accessories to along, take care of hands and make a discreet manicure.

элегантная одежда

Expensive simplicity!

Men just can't stand the two extremes in clothing girls: brightly colored dresses with sequins and stones, worn sneakers and hoodies. In these images you will never attract the attention of the opposite sex. Gentlemen prefer expensive simplicity: a disarming, quiet and not pretentious. For example, the dress is the beautiful cut without the extra overhead of feathers and flowers, skirt in Nude, but not lime or tangerine.

модная женская одежда

Business style!

Many men prefer a discreet style of dress – no mini-skirts, deep cleavage. All ladies pick up items for self-expression. If a woman is dressed too provocatively and vulgar, then she will attract the attention exclusively vulgar guys. She should radically revise your wardrobe, if she wants to meet a serious contender. It is better to choose a classic silhouette, business ensemble with a predominance of dark blue shades, white and black. That such clothes will be able to attract a man with serious intentions.

деловой стиль в одежде

The attention to detail!

No one disputes that men meet on clothes, and I love eyes. If the woman has refinement, grace, style and naturalness, it is automatically attractive. It is important to harmoniously combine colors, pick a fabric texture, wear small jewelry. A man remembers a woman by the smell, so on a first date you need to choose the right perfume. It is flavor will remain in the memory of men, and he will again wait meeting with you to again to feel it.

фото женских духов

In the mood!

You can say a lot about the preferences of men, but we should not forget about comfort. If the girl beloved for the sake of wearing this outfit is that she does not like, the evening will be spoiled. A woman should feel like a Queen outfit and to choose the internal feeling: someone go outfits a boxy cut, and someone can not imagine himself without a business suit. It all depends on personal temperament, body type, state of mind. If the girl will feel comfortable in the dress, her confidence and naturalness can charm a man. Most importantly, I don't like guys cheating. No need to contrive, to wear things that are a bit visually enlarge the buttocks or bust. This is a fallacy, sooner or later will be revealed, and your date will be unpleasantly disappointed.

летние женские платья

Thus, men to taste the elegant and feminine outfits, perfectly matched with details. But the main thing – the woman, her attractiveness, personal fragrance and inner beauty.