You will need
  • register;
  • - documentation control-cash machine.
Make sure to carry out activities you need a cash machine. Read the law "About application of cash registers when implementing cash calculations", which shows a complete list of activities not requiring a cash machine.
Purchase a cash machine, guided by the necessary functionality. Make sure before you buy that this type of device included in the national register and has reserved the measuring tape. The presence of the tape indicates the letter "K" in the name of cash registers.
Contact the tax authority that carries out the accounting of your business. Get the list of documents required for registration of a cash machine. Prepare and hand over in tax inspection the documents that include information about your facility and acquired equipment.
Check with the tax authority time to conduct the so-called fiscalization of the cash register. Need to wait a few days to a specialist service center checked and sealed cash machine, filled the bill details, and made other actions with the deviceom in the presence of the employee of the tax authority.
On the appointed day, report to tax office to get the document on registration of the cash machine. Make sure that the device is entered in the register of cash registers. Check the correct recording of details of the apparatusand on a receipt, including information about the device model.
After registration install cash machine in the place where it is supposed to serve the consumers. Connect to the machinefrom power and further peripheral devices. This can be a barcode scanner, electronic scale, and a device for reading electronic cards.