After Z-report is made, all money from cash Desk it is necessary to pass to the senior cashier or accountant. The removal of this report resets the counters. The cashier should not remain cash.
X-report is a report without clearing, without putting money and without zeroing out the cash register. It can be done even a hundred times per shift, but with the permission of management. His withdrawal shows the amount of cash in the cash register for the period.
At the close of a shift or when changing cashiers –Z-report to do so. If the shift lasts for 24 hours, then every 24 hours you need to remove the Z-report. Not removing this report every 24 hours is a gross violation. The results of the withdrawal of a cash register when the Z-report recorded in the journal of the cashier on a separate line.
In the absence of sales or output cash, do not remove and data on the withdrawal of cash is logged.
If cashiers are multiple, the withdrawal of cash occurs at shift change. Each report is entered on a separate line, not the total amount for the day.
If the failure occurred while removing the fiscal report, immediately report about it in person. To fix anything in the report is not removed.
The log is full, withdrawing the cash you need to make without any errors, erasures and corrections.
In the relevant boxes indicated:
Date (change) – date of withdrawal of the Z-report. It is listed on the Z-report.
The Department number is only populated when multi-sectional filling of the magazine.
Surname, name, patronymic of the cashier.
The sequence number counter may be omitted. Number Z-the report is indicated on the Z-report.
The cumulative result of the previous day is also shown in the report. Put your signature. The signature of the administrator puts the responsible person.
Enter the cumulative total for Z-report. The amount of revenue on the report. The amount handed over in cash.
Count 12 is filled, if settlement is not cash, and the documents - clearing.
Enter the amount of non-cash transactions. How much cash is put. The amount returned to customers. Signatures at end of shift – cashier, administrator and leader.