Connect the service "Beacon" of the operator "MegaFon", which allows to set the current position of the desired subscriber. This service is particularly relevant to the parents, which is always important to know where their child. That is why it is available for connection within children's rates "Ring-Ding" and "Smeshariki". In the future, simply dial *141# and pressing the call button and you will be able to know where the child is. Soon you will receive a MMS message containing a map and coordinates.
Remember that incoming telephone information is slightly different from the real one. This happens due to the fact that the geographical coordinates sent to you, refer to the child, and the receiving signal to the station to which it is closest. In cities with high population density there are more stations, so the only information received will be most accurate. Sometimes the error can be several hundred metres, sometimes tens of kilometers.
Send a query to determine the location of the subscriber in another way. This can be done by dialing *148*subscriber's number# or by calling a special voice service 0888. This feature is available by default in most rates. Due to its simultaneous use with your account you will be charged 5 rubles.
Get information about the whereabouts of the other party, directly on the operator's website by clicking on a special link Sending a request, after some time, you will receive a message with information about the location of the subscriber, as well as a map that you can view not only on your phone but on the computer. The determination of the coordinates of the other person may be effected only in the case if you get his consent. For this purpose it is necessary to send a message with your number on 000888.