Despite the fact that modern vehicles are equipped with all kinds of electronics, signaling possible problems with fuel, anything can happen. And the situation when in the middle of the road suddenly ends with petrol, not so rare and ridiculous as it may seem at first glance.


If suddenly in the middle of the road in a car the gas tank runs out of fuel, you first need to quell the panic attacks and to realistically assess their own capabilities. In areas with good infrastructure to find a gas station – small problem. It can be reached either on foot or by stopping friendly-minded motorist. To help the situation can distinct signs of distress: open the hood, empty the canister in the hands of a driver – any driver will understand that the man needs help.

The problem can occur at most gas stations, if the driver left without gasoline, no in stock metal cans. In order to fire safety fuel in plastic containers is prohibited, so the outputs of the situation are few.

The driver will either have to purchase a metal canister (not the fact that they are on sale at the nearest gas station); or to look for a companion of the owner of such tank; or ask to tow your car to the nearest gas station. If the stalled vehicle has an automatic gearbox, the option of towing it long distances should be avoided.

If the metal canister in stock and managed to get to the gas station, the next problem to be solved is the car refueling. Just to pour petrol from Jerry cans into the gas tank will not work, you will need a container with a neck or funnel.

Therefore, when buying gasoline is to buy a bottle of mineral water. Cut off the neck of this bottle, you can get a good funnel through which will pour gasoline in the empty tank of the car.

But it is important to remember that most fuel tanks are equipped with a special membrane that hinder thieves draining fuel. This membrane will prevent the penetration of gasoline in the tank filler, so you need to use any thoroughly cleansed with a twig inserted into a makeshift funnel of a branch will bend the membrane and allow to fill in fuel.

Mobile communications and the Internet

If around the "distress" of the car, not one willing to help, you should not forget about the endless possibilities provided by the mobile phone and the Internet.

If telephoning friends list from the phone book did not bring the desired results, and technical services on roads unknown, you can leave a marker on Yandex maps with a description of the incident – it is possible that passing by will recognize the situation and come to help.

Another option that might work is writing messages in car pool, social networks or in special programs to communicate via radio. For example, the program Zello is able to turn cell phone into a mobile radio for the different channels around the clock communicate with hundreds of people and certainly there are people ready to help in a difficult situation.