Subscribers can disable a given limit on the Megaphone while inside the operator's network. For this you need to dial from the phone keypad USSD-command *138*2#. This will lead to immediate and automatic deactivation of services, and information with the confirmation of the successful operation is displayed on the screen. The number of disconnections and connections options are limited, and you can at any time to take the credibility (this balance should not be negative).
Call the contact centre operator by number 0505. Follow the voice instructions to establish a connection with the employee contact center. Tell him that you want to disable a given limit. After reviewing all data the employee will perform the deactivation of the service in manual mode.
Try disabling the given limit on the Megaphone, using the self-service system "Service-Guide", a link to which can be found below. Here subscribers can conveniently manage the connected services, as well as to view the account status, current communication costs, to change the rates or order details. To authorize, follow the instructions on the website and your mobile phone will receive a login and password through the subscription service.
Contact your nearest salon svyazi MegaFon to disable the limit granted. Here you can not only deactivate the unwanted service, but to configure it for themselves, if, for example, you are not satisfied with the loan amount or other features. Addresses and contacts for showrooms and offices in your city can be found on the website of the company.