You will need
  • phone;
  • - Internet;
  • - the passport.
To activate the service "Credit of trust" in the Megaphone, it is necessary that communication costs and other additional services provided by the operator, amounted to at least 700 rubles over the last three months. Before you activate, make sure spent sufficient funds for network services "the Megaphone". Make sure your account balance is positive, otherwise the service will not be connected. You will not be able to connect "credibility", if you have special corporate or non-tariff plan or if your account was more than one subscriber.
There are two ways to activate the service "Credit of trust": free and paid. To calculate what credit limit can provide a statement for you for free, use the special calculator on the website of MegaFon in section "Services" - "Credit of trust" - "the Connection". Enter in the average amount of money spent in three months, the number of months of use of the network "MegaFon", then click "Calculate". You will learn the amount of the possible credit limit.
Send USSD-request to connect the service "Credit of trust". To do this, dial *138*1# on your mobile phone and press "Call". To disable this service, simply send a request *138*2#.
Connect the service "Credit of trust" with the help of SMS messages. Enter the text message "1" and send it to your room 5138. To deactivate the service you should send SMS with text "2", in order to learn the current size of the soft limit of "3".
If you provided the credit limit does not suit you, you can connect a paid service "Credit of trust", in which you can select the desired limit. For this you need to connect to choose the appropriate package. Send USSD request to *138#, press Call and select the appropriate package by following the prompts. So, for a size limit of 600 rubles, you should select the package "credibility of 600. Your account will be debited the required amount, which will later return in the form of bonus points within 12 months. If you are not using the service "MegaFon-Bonus", connect it free by calling the number 0510.
Connect "credibility" in the Megaphone it is possible upon a written application provided by the service Department. Bring your passport (if the number is registered to you) and contact the customer service Department of a network "Megaphone" in your city.