To deactivate the service you can use the special request. Send a message to the room 5138, the text should contain the number 1. Note that this operation is perfect free. The query may be sent only in the case if you are in the network "Megaphone".
To disable the trust, use the USSD command. To do this, dial *105*83#. After pressing "Call" on the display your phone displays information about a major operation.
To delete a service, use the voice menu. From your mobile device dial 050083. After this, proceed according to the voice prompts (service is free).
If you are unable to independently disable the service "Credit of trust", the mobile operator "MegaFon". His advice you can get without even leaving home. To do this you need to call at 0500 and wait for a response operator. Describe the problem, ask for help. The service can be disabled by the consultant after you call the passport data of the owner of the account.
Visit the office or representative office of "MegaFon". Here you will not only disable the service, but will in detail tell about algorithm of actions. It is necessary for you to be able to manage this service in the future. Consultations are free of charge. If there is no office of the cellular operator, please contact any salon of cellular communication, for example, "Svyaznoy".
If you are a legal person, direct address to the Telecom company an official letter. It specify the date of service disconnection, the numbers of personal accounts. Send the letter by Fax 8 (495) 504 5077 or bring customer service to corporate clients.