Advice 1: How to disable trusted payment MegaFon

Clients of joint stock company "MegaFon" can use this service as a "Credit of trust". Let's say you have on the account ran out of money. By activating the service, you will be able to make calls even with a negative balance. But sometimes you need to disable "credibility".
How to disable trusted payment MegaFon
To deactivate the service you can use the special request. Send a message to the room 5138, the text should contain the number 1. Note that this operation is perfect free. The query may be sent only in the case if you are in the network "Megaphone".
To disable the trust, use the USSD command. To do this, dial *105*83#. After pressing "Call" on the display your phone displays information about a major operation.
To delete a service, use the voice menu. From your mobile device dial 050083. After this, proceed according to the voice prompts (service is free).
If you are unable to independently disable the service "Credit of trust", the mobile operator "MegaFon". His advice you can get without even leaving home. To do this you need to call at 0500 and wait for a response operator. Describe the problem, ask for help. The service can be disabled by the consultant after you call the passport data of the owner of the account.
Visit the office or representative office of "MegaFon". Here you will not only disable the service, but will in detail tell about algorithm of actions. It is necessary for you to be able to manage this service in the future. Consultations are free of charge. If there is no office of the cellular operator, please contact any salon of cellular communication, for example, "Svyaznoy".
If you are a legal person, direct address to the Telecom company an official letter. It specify the date of service disconnection, the numbers of personal accounts. Send the letter by Fax 8 (495) 504 5077 or bring customer service to corporate clients.

Advice 2: How to disable the credit of the Megaphone

If your account is not sufficient to perform any operation, use the service of the operator "MegaFon", it's called "Credit trust". It will connect and disconnect at any time.
How to disable the credit of the Megaphone
Disable this service the subscribers of "MegaFon" can, even without leaving home. For this they need to dial on your phone USSD-command *138*2# and press the call. After sending a "Credit of trust" will be disabled automatically. The operator does not impose restrictions on activation/deactivation of the loan, so if you need you can re-connect it.
Connect the "Credit of trust" for free: just contact any of the offices or shops. The consultant will help to calculate and choose the suitable credit limit (which, by the way, you then will be able at any moment to change). To activate the credit it is necessary to have a passport and the contract with the operator for provision of Telecom services. The use of the service as the connection is free.
Activation of the "Creditand trust" on your mobile is possible and without recourse to the employee. In order to activate the service on their own, start typing USSD command *138# and press the call button. Then you will have to choose the package that suits you (that is the amount that you need). The loan is in the range from 300 to 1700 rubles.
Manage your services the self-service system "Service-Guide". It can be plugged, using web-interface systems as well as contacting the call centre or salon.
Other operators also have a similar service. The "MTS" it is called "Promised payment". To use it, dial *111*32# or call customer service at the number 1113. This operator provides a payment even with a negative balance.
The amount of "Trustee payment" in "Beeline" is from 30 to 450 rubles. To obtain start typing USSD-request *141# and press the call key. Received on account amount will be available within three or seven days.

Advice 3: How to connect a trusted payment MegaFon (credibility)

The news that the mobile phone account is not sufficient, as a rule, comes as a surprise and comes when call well simply vital. Even worse, if the situation is exacerbated by the lack of nearby payment terminal or office operator MegaFon. Of course, you can ask the telephone by colleagues or acquaintances who at this point was to make an important call with it. But this is the worst option, and the best is to use credit services from the company MegaFon.
How to connect a trusted payment MegaFon (credibility)

How to borrow a Megaphone

MegaFon is one of the largest mobile operators. Many clients use the services of a Megaphone appreciated the excellent communication quality and kindness of the operator in addressing emerging issues. In turn, MegaFon appreciates and trusts its users and tries to provide the most convenient and profitable for them package. One of them is the mobile account replenishment in debt. For this operator, developed a service that includes "Trust", "credibility", and the ability to use the Internet, even if the balance for some reason time has not been replenished.

The credibility of the customers of MegaFon is directly related to duration of use and also capacity to pay. That is, the longer you use the connection, and the larger your payments, the more affordable the loan service.

How to get "Trust payment" on a Megaphone

If the balance is approaching "0" and recharge is not possible, to stay in touch will allow the service "Trust payment". It connects for 5 days, after which it must recharge for an amount greater put in debt. Also while there is a "Trust" you cannot take the money in debt again. The loan amount will depend on the size of the payments made last month. So, if the account was supposed to not more than 100 rubles, the amount of "Trustee payment" will be from 10 to 30 p. if no more than 300 p. – from 10 to 100 USD, if not more than 600 10 to 200. If the connection spent more than 600 rubles a month, the Megaphone can enroll from 10 to 250. Service is paid on the loan, the operator removes from the account 5 rubles.

To connect "Trust payment" in several ways:

- call to the service number "106#Amount payment# (this service is available even if the number is blocked);

- send SMS "payment amount" to the number 0006;

- use USSD guide, dial *105*1*5*2#.

How to take the "Credit of trust"

"Credibility" can be activated even if the balance went negative". But to use this service it is impossible, if it was obtained "confidential payment" service. In order to connect to a service, you need to visit the salon MegaFon, taking with him a passport. If this is not possible or inconvenient, you can just dial *138# and press the green call button.

"Credit of trust" available only to those subscribers who use the services of MegaFon 5 months or more. In addition, the communication costs over the past 3 months should not be less than 600 rubles. Will not be able to obtain "credibility" those subscribers who use the tariff plan "Ring-Ding" and "MegaFon Login".

Other users connection MegaFon offers 3 basic package – 300, 600 and 900 rubles. The selected amount will be charged automatically when connected to the service and credited to the account once the balance is approaching "0".

Disable the service "Credit of trust" can, by dialing *138*2#. In this case, unspent funds back to the account

"Trust payment" for the Internet connection

The service works the same as "confidential payment" service for telephony. You can get even with zero balance, just dial *106#. If Internet usage exceeds 90 days, MegaFon will offer 100, 500 or 1000 roubles, which will be deducted after 3 days. In order to use the service "Trust payment", to connect specially any options or enter complex combinations of numbers is not necessary. The system will offer the service, sending the message as soon as the balance will go to minus.

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