Dial from mobile phone command *106# and press "Call" to take the money in the debt on the Megaphone. Also to connect this service you can send empty SMS-message to short number 0006 or simply call him. In addition, to borrow the Megaphone through "my account" on the website of the operator.
Promised payment extends the communication and other mobile services at low or negative balance on the account. The amount of down payment depends on the expenses made by the subscriber for the previous month. For example, spending more than 30 rubles to the account will be temporarily credited 15 rubles. If your payments ranged from 30 to 400 rubles, you will receive 50 rubles, and from 400 to 1000 – 75 rubles. The total period of use of telecommunications services from the company MegaFon shall be not less than 30 days. Subscribers, the monthly cost of which includes more than 1000 rubles, and the term connecting to the MegaFon – more than 90 days, can get up to 150 rubles promised payment
To obtain the promised payment on the Megaphone in any tariff plan, but in the absence of such connected services as "credibility", "MegaFon Tajikistan 13 and Turbocopy". A down payment of 15 rubles is only available on the day, and in this case, the subscriber should not be less than 5 rubles. Payments in the amount of 50, 75 and 150 roubles are provided for 3 days. Within the prescribed period, you must replenish the balance in any way in the amount of not less than 100 rubles, otherwise there will be an automatic lock of the room. After balance the effect of "promise to pay" stops.