According to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, in the sacrament the believer under the appearance of bread and wine receives the Body and Blood of Christ the Savior. Thus, a Christian connect with God. Preparation for the sacrament has several distinctive features.

The main criterion for admission to the sacrament is an inner state of a person. It is impossible to proceed to the Holy chalice, if the heart is hiding anger or hatred towards his neighbor. You must first try to reconcile with everyone, to forgive all wrongs, and only then to start the preparation before the communion.

Before the sacrament of communion, the Christian needs to keep a three day fast. Depending on the time of year it can be different in severity. For example, in the days of the Great lent Orthodox not to eat the fish, but if there is prolonged fasting, fish allowed.

During the preparation for communion (retreat) a person must reflect on his life. Try to remember all the sins committed by them. The Church calls a man to compulsory execution of the prayer rule before communion, which is to read morning and evening prayers, as well as three canons (of repentance to the Lord, prayer to the blessed virgin Mary and guardian angel) and the continuation of the communion.

A necessary condition for admission to communion is a confession. On the eve of the sacrament the believer should be present at the evening service, and then in confession. After that home to read the evening prayer, three Canon. In the morning you must read the morning prayers and the service to communion and to go to worship.

It is important to remember that with the coming of the day of communion with the 12 hours of the night can not eat anything, to drink. It is advisable to only brush your teeth, rinse with water (without swallowing) and go to the temple. With the exception of patients for whom it is vital to take the morning meds. In such a situation is allowed to take the pills and drink them with water, but no more.

During worship the Liturgy must be attentive and try your thoughts to send to the upcoming meeting with God in the Holy sacrament.

It should be noted that women in the critical days banned to proceed to the sacrament. People who smoke should refrain from Smoking from the moment of the confession to the sacrament.

Clothing for women needs to fit the space, however, as in men. In the temple a woman must be a scarf and a skirt, not off the hip.