The report on the cash of the organization shall be the cashier or other authorised person. The document is issued in the days when you were carried out any transactions with cash enterprises.
You can fill the report using an automated program, and you can do it manually. First, specify the document date. In the table fill in the information about cash flows.
Specify the operation name, for example, it is accepted from Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich. After that, select the offset account number. For example, if the funds issued to sub-report, enter a score of 71; if issued from the cash wage to 70. Enter amount, for example, when issued from the cash – enter the amount under "withdrawal" if the resulting "Arrival". Below, summarize the document, sign the document.
The report of the cashier hem all the documents on the basis of which are made information. For example, an employee returns unused funds accountable. Apply for a cash order (form №KO-1). Specify the sequence number of the document and the date of preparation. Enter the name of the organization and the name of the structural unit.
Debit, enter the account from where came the money. For example, a return sub-report. Debit select the account 50, and the loan – 71. Type the amount. Below, write down from whom accepted the funds (name of the advance holder). Next, specify the amount of words.
Fill in the receipt. Specify the number and date of PRO, name of employee, the basis and amount. Sign the documents the chief accountant and the cashier.
If you give cash from enterprise cash, please fill out the account cash order (form №KO-2). Specify the number and date of document, name of organization and name of the structural unit.
The table part, select the account for debit and credit, enter the amount. Below the table, specify who issued the funds. Also enter the name of the document-base and the amount of words. If you have applications, enter their details, for example, in the payment of wages on this line specifies the billing statement.
Sign the document by the chief accountant, the employee and the cashier. Stamp of the organization.