Complete details of the organization: name, VAT number, name and address of the structural unit (outlets). Specify the model of the cash register, the serial and registration number allocated by the tax authorities. If the cash register works in the computer, flip the appropriate line the name of the application program. The sequence number of the reference must match the number of Z-report. Date of the document and the operating time should match the data specified in the Z-report.
Enter in column 1 the number of Z-report at the end of the day. Take notes of the order if the cash register is removed more than one Z-report. In column 2 enter the Department number, and the next column is the section number. Leave column 4 blank. In the fifth column reflect the testimony summarizing the cash counter received at the beginning of the working day (shift), and the sixth – testimony at the end of the day.
Reflect 7 the graph obtained per day the revenue amount in rubles and kopecks according to the counter. This figure will represent the difference between the amounts in columns 5 and 6 of the report. It includes returns due to incorrect cash vouchers listed separately in box 8. If there were no returns, put in the dash. In the ninth and tenth columns insert name head of Department and his signature. If the Treasurer of the state organization is missing, puts his signature to the seller, handing over the revenue.
Duplicate in the column "total" the data specified in the 7th and 8th columns. Further words specify the actual amount of revenue that represents the difference between figures 8 and 7 columns. Fill in a certificate number, and date of credit cash warrant issued accounting the cashier in the day, when he was made to surrender the proceeds. Specify the Bank details of the organization involved in the appeal proceeds, and receipt number issued by the Bank after receiving cash. A certificate in the form provided by KM-6, must be certified by the signatures of the Bank teller, chief cashier and head of the organization.