The report of the cashier should be formed in those days, when there was any movement at the box office whether it's a grant of money under report or the payment of wages.
The report made by the cashier, shall contain the same information that the loose-leaf cash book. Usually in the programs of accounting, there are forms that are automatically generated when recording the data. If you are using manual records, a blank reportand the cashier is a copy of the Deposit sheet.
The report of the cashier, shall contain such information as the sequential document number, date of preparation, amount and the name of the operation.
To reporthave the cashier attach all documents evidencing the movement of money. If the results under report, attach expendable cash order (form №KO-2). When you receive cash from the cashier of the organization, apply cash order (form №KO-1). If it is a wages, in addition to the cash voucher attach the payment statement (form T-53).
It is advisable report of the cashier lead to a separate folder. The Supplement it in chronological order, end of period (can be month, quarter, semester, year, etc.) sew all the leaves, number. At the end of the last page write: "Stitched, numbered and sealed (specify number of sheets)". When calculating, consider the receipts, and orders, and statements.
Remember that the report of the cashier is a copy of the Deposit sheet, but with more extended information. The difference is that it must be signed by the cashier and the cash book of the chief accountant and the head of the organization.
The Bank, which services you might require documents for verification of maintenance of cash discipline, in this case you need in addition to the cash book to give myself a report.