1) the United States. The United States have become a comfortable refuge for immigrants from all over the world. In this country immigrants possessing a green card have the same rights as US citizens.

Moving to this country is not as unattainable as it seems at first glance. Every year there is a free raffle to receive a residence permit. To participate in the lottery can be anyone. Study, work or business is also a good reason to legally move to the States. Although the discovery of student visas – a very long and complicated process.

Another popular option of emigration to the United States – marriage with an American. However, given all the laws of this country, have no time to prove to the special services, that the marriage was not a sham.

2) Canada. There is a special professional program which allows you to immigrate to Canada. All that is needed to fill a special form on the website of the immigration service. For each completed item scores. For the passage of this questionnaire is mandatory, higher education, academic degree, sufficient knowledge of the English language at the required level and working experience - at least 5 years in the specialty. Gaining a passing score, you can count on a decent job in Canada.

3) UK. One of the most stable countries in the world. You can always find a good job with a decent salary. But to get to Britain is difficult. The most common way of immigration – the special youth programme. They provide the opportunity for successful employment to highly skilled professionals to guide its activities for the benefit of the country. Also Britain is ready to take creative talented people – composers, artists and writers. But in this case you need to be a globally recognized figure.

4) Australia. This distant land is not so inaccessible as it seems. You can get there without billions and kinship. Many people moved to Australia with the help of the program of professional immigration. People with special education is in demand in Australia, the profession may expect a positive response. The age of the candidates is not more than 44 years. Of course, knowledge of the language required. And another condition is the absence of a criminal record

5) Israel. Jews to immigrate to Israel is very simple. The main condition – the relatives on the maternal line have to be Jewish, and the immigrant – to practice Judaism. For immigration to this country should prepare a package of documents proving compliance with all conditions of the move. And the interview need to be prepared for a clear and reasoned explanation of why the desire to live in this country. Persons with a criminal record, this option is immigration to Israel is not appropriate.

If all conditions are met, the government pays for the flights and all costs associated with the transportation of Luggage. And also secretes a small amount of money at the initial accommodation