To connect Internet USB modem connects to the computer via usb port. To connect to the network, users only need software and a telephone line. Basically, all the usb modems have built-in memory that stores all the drivers.
The most popular usb modems "big three" operators: Beeline 3G modem; MTS modem 3G; MegaFon 3G modem.
What is better to choose the operator to connect to the Internet, each and determines, based on the proposed tariff plans. But on the technical characteristics of the device are recommended to pay attention.
Currently, the sale has several types of modems. The manufacturer of the modem is irrelevant, although this may depend on the cost of the device. It is important to pay attention to the speed. Maximum speeds modems are divided into 3.6, 7.2, 14.4 and 28.8 Mbps.
High-speed modems not only provide higher speed data transmission and more advanced data transfer technologies (HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA+), which contributes to maximum efficiency of data transmission.
USB modem with speed 3.6 Mbps cellular operators to offer virtually free for paying several months in advance unlimited Internet. And even modem with speed of 7.2 Mbps can be purchased for an affordable price. Devices with higher speed and cost are more serious.
Check with the call center operators several questions to be sure your choice a hundred percent what is the coverage from the mobile operator; what is the average connection speed in the reception area; how to pick up a modem for your computer or laptop; what is the cost tariff plans and offer of unlimited tariff plans.