Description 3G modem

Modern 3G-modem combines a high-speed connection to the Internet and radio. They connect to a laptop via USB universal interface, support all laptops, netbooks, computers and Wi-Fi routers. 3G modems differ from standard modems maximum compactness and the ability to connect to the Internet anywhere where there is coverage. In addition, many of the model manufacturers equip slots for MiсroSD card, which gives 3G modem regular USB drive on which to store files and necessary documentation.

Some 3G modems can be connected GPS Navigator that allows you to navigate the terrain, as well as an external antenna.

As for the disadvantages of 3G modems, they mainly consist in binding the device to a particular mobile operator. However, if necessary, the modem can be reoriented by changing the SIM card. Also 3G-modems is made of plastic, which significantly reduces their service life, especially under heavy use. Many mobile operators are stated in the characteristics of the device blazing fast data transfer which is quite expensive – with most 3G modems transfer information at the same speed.

The choice of 3G modem

When choosing a 3G modem to your laptop you first need to study the proposals in three main categories – namely, cost of the device, its technical capabilities and characteristics, as well as design. The cost in this case is not the fundamental or crucial – each user can choose a 3G modem on your wallet, however it is recommended to buy only in trusted stores.

Before you purchase a modem it is important to determine whether he needs to have additional opportunities in the form of a flash drive or other bonuses from the manufacturer.

As for the specifications, it is important to focus on the speed of transmission and reception of data and not on the rate of subscription and the device itself. If the tariff plan is not satisfied, it can always be changed.

Design solutions 3G modems now come in all shapes, but experienced users recommend that when choosing to make sure they have one important characteristic. Quality housing 3G modem needs to be made of rubberized high impact plastic, which will allow the device to last much longer than standard are its plastic counterparts.