First of all, the desire to publish an article, note that any informational message/articleyou can place in your personal online diary (blog). The most famous: In the framework of data hosting is, thematic communities, for sure, matching the semantic content of your article.
However, such opportunity is given by social network:,, etc. In social networks also have thematic community groups. Also, articles can be placed on any Internet forums and mass media portals. It is desirable, of course, themed.
And, of course, you can create your own website for publishing articles. It's possible that your article is original or useful, and that the site will be popular.
If you want to publish your article on the site, where there is no access for anyone wanting publications where a publication is responsible for the administration of the site and strictly filters the incoming information, then publish the context will not be easy. First of all, finding a theme site, and considering that your article is fully consistent with the content, you should find e-mail administration. As a rule, these sites have a special section "contacts" or just written at the bottom of the post address for communication. And then you, through the mail, discussing the possibility of publishing articles on the website. And, if the article is completely suitable, the administration will place.