The author who wants to promote his book, it is important to understand that the book is a product of the special order required to most people (most people read at least from time to time), but not goods of first necessity. People will spend money on a book when his more important needs (food, clothing, etc.) will be satisfied. The book is one of the ways lots of fun. Therefore, the promotion of book - cases are quite complex and slow. Your book can be quite long to lie on the shelves, not using special demand. In General, this situation is normal, the books very much, and it is difficult to achieve dizzying demand for your book. However, to find out about you and bought a prod of your work, it is important to think not only about publishing the book and selling it to the stores, but also on advertising. You should be prepared that the advertising campaign for the book - it's not cheap.
The first is you have already made yourself when given to read the book to family and friends. Do not underestimate the value of word of mouth - we often buy books on recommendations from friends.
Each, even a small bookstore has a special shelf for sales leaders. Perhaps you have noticed that there are little-known authors. And certainly you've noted that many first of all fit into this shelf. Providing your book on this shelf or under the icon of the bookstore "recommended" can be a strong selling point.
Many of us love to read in public transport. This is the perfect place to advertise books. Bright advertising poster of your book with a catchy phrase it will attract the attention of potential readers.
The above-mentioned methods, undoubtedly, very expensive. Not all authors can afford, for example, advertising in the subway. There are other, less expensive and less standard ways of advertising. For example, it is possible to place a Chapter from a book on Internet resources, with its authority. Those who enjoy a Chapter of your book, you may purchase the book as a whole.
A good way to promote books - speech at a literary evening, a meeting of readers with writers. It's not the most popular event, however, such meetings can be arranged, for example, in large bookstores. Sometimes multiple authors organize such meetings.
You can bind several copies of a Chapter in your book and agree with a little coffee houses on the possibility of placing these chapters in the same place where are usually located the free magazines. Many people like to read over a Cup of coffee or waiting for the order. You may be interested in your book, not magazines.