You will need
  • computer, Internet, advertisement, social media accounts, diaries
Make a text block to embed information in the Internet. It might be an ad format, diary entries, small articles or reference material. As a rule, the choice depends on the fact verbal promise. Try to write on the merits, start with the main, if the text is large, divide it into paragraphs, each of which start with the subtitle. In the last paragraph certainly specify contact details, if, of course, they are not separate fields.
Find sites, forums, message boards and communities that interest you, subjects. For example, if you want to give away free kittens, it is possible to write in the "Live journal" or on one of the biggest boards – Sell my car – send your ad to the www.slando.ruand post on the forums frequented by motorists. As a rule, the moderators of these forums have nothing against posting information from individuals. Although sometimes delete messages companies, considering them unauthorized is and equating to spam.
Register thematic communities in social networks www.vkontakre.ruand other resources of the blogosphere. This must be done if the offer of your services, products is not a one-off, and more or less prolonged or even permanent. Join the community of other participants in social networking to acquire friends. If you - the owner of a photo Studio as an option - want to find additional customers for another business off-line, such communities will also be handy. Because they allow you to advertise your products or services absolutely free.
Invent an interesting campaign to promote cafes, restaurants, night clubs and other leisure activities. Publish in journals, and community information about upcoming events. Tell me about the events that took place. Good photoshoot party, hosted in the Internet, will tell about the institution more than a page of beautiful words. Also in social networks it is appropriate to report information about discounts provided by shops, beauty salons, travel agencies. Organically on their pages look invitations to concerts, performances or exhibitions. A good response can be obtained and creating community-oriented fans of the books and movies some a specific topic.