How to choose a good Polish

The durability of lacquer depends on its texture. The longest on the nails keep lucky glitter - sequins of different sizes. Such a tool is fixed for a week or more without holding on to chips and scratches. Resistance differ and sand lacquers, which include tiny particles that give nails an interesting texture. Durable varnishes craquelure effect - if properly applied they can last up to two weeks.
Applying varnish with glitter, please note that wash it off can be difficult.

Classic enamel and matte paints are characterized by moderate persistence. Choose paints with good pigmentation that can be applied in two layers. Pearl funds are more durable than their counterparts. Very dark enamel hold for a long time, but they show every scratch. Bright colors are easier to spray small chips or scrapes on this manicure will be less noticeable.

Nail preparation

To nail lies flat and long held, it is necessary to properly prepare the plates. Carefully sawed them, giving the nails the same shape and length. Remove the cuticles using a special liquid or carefully cut it off with wire cutters. Painted over the cuticle, the nail will split.

The surface of your nails align with a polishing block. He'll take wave, loose particles and other irregularities, making the plate perfectly smooth. Do not treat the nails are too long, so they are not thinned.

The mandatory stage is application of protective base. Too soft nails cover the basis with calcium, and ribbed - leveling base. The Foundation is best applied in two coats, drying each thoroughly.

Features staining

Before coating, turn the bottle of varnish and roll it between your hands - the tool will mix and become homogeneous. If you want to use varnish with glitter, pre-turn the bottle bottom up - the settled particles will move closer to the neck.
Do not use thickened paint, he gets sloppy and will quickly wear off. Dilute the enamel with a few drops of a special liquid.

Enter brush on varnish in three strokes, apply it on the nail. Install the brush closer to the base of the nail, then push it to the cuticle and draw a line to the tip of the finger. Repeat the procedure, filling in the side of the plate. Thoroughly dry the nail Polish before applying a second coat. When you have finished painting, dip the brush into the vial, wipe it on the neck and paint over the end of the nail, as if sealing it. This simple trick will extend the life of your manicure.

Finish the manicure with a brilliant top with a drying effect. Apply a thick layer on each nail from cuticle to tip. Let the top dry. Do not dry nail Polish dryer - this will make the coating brittle.