Despite the fact that in the decision on issuance of a gold medal are taken into account only grades 10 and 11, begin to study on "perfectly" for a few years before. So you will be able to have enough solid knowledge Foundation, and many of the themes in the graduating classes will be given to you much easier.
Pay special attention to items that give you the most difficult. Sign up for additional classes, consultations, electives. If your weakness is sports, be sure to exercise on the weekends, run around the stadium or around the house, go to sports club. Remember, even solid "b" can take away your gold medal.
Feel free to talk about their intention to obtain the gold medal. Tell that to the teachers to get their support. If the class you are ill-prepared – ask about the possibility to redo the job in a separate time or in the next lesson. As a rule, teachers are going to meet, but you have to be quite polite and correct.
Do not let "fours" and, especially, "threes" for a quarter (or trimester). Remember, quarter (trimestrale) assessment and General assessment for the year will be just one of them and fix something will be very difficult.
Try to participate in competitions, student forums, conferences, round tables. The preparation of such activities will help you to more deeply study the subject, you will learn how to speak in public, pay attention to themselves teachers, other kids.
Try not to miss classes without a good reason. If you do get sick, carefully study the material in the textbook and solve all the proposed when the topic of the task. It is better to decide and know more than miss information.
The teacher gave you "excellent" in the certificate, prepare thoroughly for the exam. Despite the fact that the data of the final certification does not affect the valuation in the certificate, a teacher needs to be sure to confirm your knowledge, otherwise he could be in an embarrassing situation.