You will need
  • - alcohol;
  • - toothpaste or petroleum jelly;
  • - baking soda;
  • - liquid nail Polish remover or acetone;
  • - a cotton pad.
To remove the stains from hair dye on skin, take the most popular solvent, which can wipe away stains – alcohol. It can dissolve dried paint and remove it from the soiled areas of the skin. Apply 5-6 drops of alcohol on a cotton disc and RUB it stained the skin. If at first you don't receive the desired result, repeat the procedure again until you erase the paint.
Apply toothpaste a thin layer on the skin that is stained with paint and gently RUB. Rinse the paste with warm water. Repeat this process until until the paint is not erased completely. Instead of toothpaste you can use vaseline. Apply vaseline on skin areas contaminated with paint and lightly RUB it into the skin. To scrub the paint off the skin it takes a lot. Do not expose the skin to prolonged rubbing vaseline, can cause irritation.
Moisten a cotton pad in the liquid nail Polish remover or acetone and wipe it stained the skin. But also, like petroleum jelly, and acetone liquid nail Polish remover may cause skin redness.
Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda, drip 5-7 drops in her water to make a soft paste. With the help of cotton pad apply the mixture on the painted areas of the skin and start rubbing the stain. Baking soda is a great natural scrub, which can remove various stains, such as from the skin and any surfaces.
Apply a few drops of moisturizing oil on a cotton pad and RUB it into the dyed area of skin. In addition to moisturizing properties the oil has the ability to dissolve complex compositions means for painting of hair. To achieve the maximum effect, leave the oil overnight. In the morning rinse off the remaining oil with warm water and if necessary repeat the procedure.