First of all register in the tax office as an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity.
Opening any business should start with a business plan in which you need to consider the concept of the store and reflect what exactly it will differ from commercial enterprises competitors. The organization of a tea shop is no exception.
Experts believe that to open a tea shop need 30-40 thousand dollars. It pays for itself in six to eighteen months. But in the tea business, you can log in using franchising scheme. This way is convenient for opening stores in the regions. Costs then fall by almost half, and a partner package will give you the opportunity to start working already promoted under a trademark, and use a corporate design, corporate development and advice promotion of trade points.
But in any case the key to successful trading is the location of the store. Trade of tea has its own characteristics and its own advantages. This product does not require large areas. To open a store 10-20 square meters. The main thing – the cross. Look for premises in the Central streets of the city. Also consider this form of trade as "shop in shop". To open a tea boutique in a large shopping center, where is always a lot of people. In this case, try to find a place near a supermarket - then the potential customers definitely will look into it.
Choosing a room, consider the interior of your store. The word "tea", many associated with home warmth and coziness. Therefore, store design needs to be appropriate. It really affects the purchasing power of visitors. For the decoration of tea room are ideal natural materials: wood, ceramics, glass. If you spend some money on a professional designer, your trading business will gain sing personality and be recognizable.
Followed by the most important search providers for your tea shop. In a large store is expected to have at least 200 varieties of tea. But you can start with a smaller scale – for a small shop to begin with, only 50 types of tea products. Try to keep in the store were from all categories: from the democratic varieties of domestic and Ceylon to the elite varieties and premium.
At the tea market there are many domestic and overseas wholesale suppliers of tea. It is important to imagine what your target audience (gourmet, a respectable middle-class or advanced youth), and to find a supplier with an attractive ratio "price-quality". Be sure to check with your chosen tea company licenses and certificates for goods.
Keep the price of tea in your store was competitive. Acceptable is the cheat from 40 to 80 percent (depending on grade), the price provider.
Buy tea accessories: banks, clamps, bags. They should be of appropriate quality. Think about the manufacturing related products: sake sets, Chinese teapots and sets from clay and glass, strainers, Calabash gourd, spirit lamps, ceramic caddies, etc. in addition, you will need business equipment – scales for packaging weight tea and the cash register.
Of particular importance in the success of such outlets has staff. It is necessary to find skilled salespeople, who are well versed in the teas and will be able to tell the customers about the distinctive features of different varieties.
It is believed that tea shops visited by approximately 60 percent of regular customers and 40 random. So, plan different marketing promotions for both. Order your discount card with discounts for regular buyers, advertising booklets and brochures for the first time visitor.