In country houses there are terraces, which greatly ennoble the territory, allow you to connect a garden and a house in a specific interrelated composition. Only here in the construction of terraces or verandas, some owners do not understand that wooden flooring will be affected by precipitation and temperature changes, which can affect the quality of a tree structure.
To hardwood flooring in the country have remained intact for many years, it is necessary to properly handle. For this purpose in DIY stores sell special oil for terraces. Initially, the composition has a transparent color, but the tree is not darkened and acquired a beautiful shade of tintable oil.
The most popular and quality is considered to be a little firm "Tikkurila" and "Teks". These formulations do not clog the pores of the wood, allow it to breathe, have a water and dirt repellent properties, is not affected by temperature. As a result, wooden floor does not crack, not deformed. The oil can be applied with a brush to previously cleaned, polished and programowanie tree. Preventive oiling is done every 1-2 years.
If the wooden floor is indoors, the opportunity to process it more. Hardware stores offer a variety of stains, lacquers, impregnation oil for wood. Before applying any of the funds, boards should be thoroughly sanded in direction of the wood fibers.
If used for processing Polish, the first coat should be thinned 20%. Waterborne lacquer is diluted with plain water, is almost odorless and very easy to use. Alkyd-urethane varnishes require dilution solvent, usually a white spirit. When the first base coat of varnish dries, the wood is sanded again, because the compositions is able to raise the hairs. In order that the surface is strong and durable, the boards are painted two layers of paint, but not diluted. In any case, for the application of tools for wood is not being used the roller only brush with mixed bristles.
Lacquer is color in the store or use the clear option. Some for coloring wood pre-treated with impregnation colored it. But this process takes much more time because every layer of impregnation and subsequently the varnish dry at least 12-24 hours.
To handle the stairs, experts recommend to acquire oil or wax. They are easy to use and have high performance properties, resistant to abrasion and water.