How to fix the nose in bФотошопе/b" class="colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink" rel="gallery-step-images"> Open the photo and duplicate the image on a new layer using Ctrl+J. Before each change is better to make a duplicate layer, so as not to damage the main image.
Get rid of skin problems on the image. Select tool Healing Brush Tool (the Healing brush). On the layers panel, set the brush hardness to 0 and size a little larger than the size of the problem area. Hover over the clean skin, press on the keyboard Alt and click on photos. The cursor will turn into the figure of sight – a circle with a cross inside. The program made a part of the image for reference.
Then move the mouse over the problem area and click the left button of a pimple or spot will be replaced with the reference pattern. Retouch thus the entire nose, to avoid visible defects of the skin.
In menu Filter (Filter) choose the Liquify tool ("Plastic"). It is, in fact, a separate graphical editor with its own set of tools and rich settings. To zoom, select the Zoom tool (Magnifier). If you need to save the picture, hold down Alt, and then apply Zoom. To move the image, use the Hand Tool (the Hand).
Choose a tool Pucker Tool ("Compression"), it is possible to press on the keyboard S. Set in the settings panel the size of the brush a little more of the plot that you want to reduce. The values of Density (Density) and Pressure ("Pressure") is set small so that the correction was accurate. Hover over the nose and click with a mouse not more than 2 times. Change is best done gradually.
Press O to activate the tool Push Left Tool ("Shift pixels"). If you trace this tool the right part of the image from top to bottom, the pixels are shifted to the left, i.e. the object decreases, if the bottom up, then increases. To reduce the image on the left side, the cursor should lead from the bottom up. The pixels are shifted under the image of the cross.
The values of density and pressure, leave a small brush size decrease. Circle the tool nose in the photograph, starting with the right side, top to bottom. Correct the cut of the nostrils, if necessary. Use the tool carefully, swiping one image area no more than two times.
To cancel a wrong action hit Reconstruct. To remove all changes, use the Restore All button. When the result of the processing you want, click OK. In regular mode once again carefully review the processed image. If you decide that the adjustment was unsuccessful, press Alt+Ctrl+Z to undo the change.