Prepare to work a photo in which you want to obtain a more slender figure. The photo must be high resolution and high quality – depends on how realistic and accurate it will be ready.
Upload a photo in Photoshop, and then open the main menu and select Filter to open the list, filter Liquify. The photo opens in a new window. In the left part of the window you will see toolbar – select the icon "Compression", or press S.
In the right part of the window set the desired values of compression setting this up – these values depend on the type and size of pictures. Set the brush size for editing such that it is slightly greater than the size of the objects that you will handle a brush. You can also adjust the degree of hardness of the brush, pressure, and saturation.
Once the desired indicators (for example, selecting the brush size 150), scale the photo, bringing that part of it which should reduce and start single clicking on the desired area on the photo, making sure that the compression was uniform and realistic.
Do not pull the brush, holding the left mouse button – simply click on the desired portion of the body to get. If you accidentally make a mistake, press Cancel (Ctrl+Z).
Treating one body part, move on to the other – this way you will be able to make any slimmer and more attractive figure. When you have finished processing, click OK and save the photo under a new name.