To start, you will have to pay at the Bank branch where you first have paid the fee for the issue of the passport. Provide the Bank employee with a copy of the misfiled receipts and complete the application for refund of duty paid.
A Bank employee has to send to head office request for status of the translation, and after three weeks you will be able to obtain a payment order and the Bank's reply to your request.
If the money for any reason have not been transferred to the account of the correspondent Bank and stay in your Bank, you will be able to return the excess paid amount on the spot.
If the funds was transferred to the account of the recipient organization, that is FMS, you will be given a copy of the payment order.
With this copy you have to contact the local office of the FMS. That thing where you were issued the passport, to put on the receipt indicates that it is invalid and you have not used paid for it cash.
A receipt with a note on its invalidity and the payment order must be submitted in the main Department of the Federal migration service according to your region and fill out the corresponding application. In addition to the above documents, your passport and a copy of Bank details for transfer of funds to your account.
If you do not have an open Bank account, get a savings account. You can obtain it at any branch of Sberbank in just 10 minutes on presentation of a passport. For Otkrytye account you'll need to make a minimum payment of 10 rubles.
The decision of the Federal migration service about the refund of overpaid amounts must be made within one month from the date of application.