Apply for a tax free cheque in the shop where you purchased the items. The purchase price stated therein, shall be the amount of cash receipt. In addition, there must be indicated the amount of VAT recoverable. Remember that the value of the goods within this country at least. Don't forget to affix a stamp to the cheque tax free when leaving the country. This can be done at the check point before crossing the border.
Contact the Moscow branch of the Bank that has a contract with operators for payment of VAT refunds. One of the leaders in the provision of services for tax refund is the First Czech-Russian Bank; it accepted cheques from Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic. For the implementation of the redress procedures provide the internal passport, the check tax free, the basic checks of the store that sold the product passport. Please note that this Bank is installed the maximum amount of compensation in the amount of 500 euros for one check (for checks issued in France, that amount is 1,000 euros). Refund is made in rubles at the exchange rate of the Bank. Checks in the amount of up to 100 euros to be paid immediately, the rest will be accepted for authorization. The Bank's Commission for the implementation of such operations is 2.5 Euro for each check. Remember that the Bank does not accept cheques, due to expire in the next two weeks. The offices of First Czech-Russian Bank, in which you can get a refund, are in Lobachevsky street and 27 street 2-I Brest 8.
Get a VAT refund in the Bank "SMP" (Northern Sea route). This Bank is decorated with a contractual relationship with Premier Tax Free and Tax Free Worldwild (Ireland) Détaxe (France), New Tax Free (Italy). Once you can get a refund in the amount not exceeding 100 Euro cheques at the Premier Tax Free cheques other issuers, regardless of the reimbursement amount submitted for authorization. To speed up the process, scan your receipt and fill out the form Online on the website of the Bank Within 1-3 days you will receive a response. Addresses of offices where you can apply for a refund are listed on the website.
Get a VAT refund PSB. The service is provided in 2 sections – up TO Lubyanka street (New square D. 3/4) and TO Sheremetyevo-2 (Moscow region, Khimki distr., Sheremetyevo-2). Until January 2011 with the checks tax free worked branch of the Bank VTB-24, but this service is temporarily unavailable.
Send a check tax free, with the fields filled in, regarding your account to the issuing company. Term of payment of the VAT amount in this case will be up to 2 months.