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  • - the authorized capital
In order to Deposit capital, we first need to know where to make. The authorized capital is a kind of base for the creation of companies with limited liability. So to start, we need to create a limited liability company, and then make capital. To create a limited liability company (LLC) you must choose the number of persons who will be Founders. The responsibility of founders includes the drawing up of the Treaty establishing the LLC. It is in the contract is determined by the size of the share capital, the nominal value of the share of each of founders and all the subtleties and nuances relating to the capital and society in General.
According to article 14 of the Federal law from 8 February 1998 N 14-FZ "On limited liability companies": "the size of the Charter capital must be not less than ten thousand rubles." In principle, the amount is quite real, especially when you consider that the founders may be several. The founders of the company can contribute its share capital in any convenient way:cash, securities and shares,the property rights on movable or immovable property, precious metals.
To make the authorized capital of the founders can directly to the cashier of the enterprise. Responsible for maintaining accounting records of the enterprise may, on agreement with the founders to contribute equity capital to the company's current account at the Bank, or issue capital in the sub-report, or leave the amount of the share capital in cash within the Bank limit. When making the share capital, in the hands of each participant remains the company's receipt receipt voucher confirming the payment of the amount of the share capital in cash of the organization.
The founder of the company in accordance with article 16 of the Federal law from 8 February 1998 N 14-FZ "About societies with limited liability", "must be paid in full its share in the Charter capital within the term specified by the contract". When it categorically excluded the situation where the settlor is relieved from the obligation to make the common capital of the newly formed company with limited public their share. Included with the founders? You pay the price.

At least half of the share capital should be available from the company at the time of the state registration of the LLC. In the case of untimely or partial payment of his part in the company's share capital during the period determined by the Treaty establishing the LLC, nedovrsena part of the share capital according to the legislation proceeds to the society.And even special notes the contract does not allow you to transgress this specific legislation feature Deposit the share capital.