You will need
  • - availability of relevant provisions on the share capital, the Charter and the Foundation agreement (the last document is needed if the founders more than one);
  • Protocol for the assessment of property;
  • the act of transfer of property on the balance sheet.
We must begin with the valuation of changes in the share capital of the property. In the case of a joint stock company that makes the Board of Directors. He or she is required to engage an independent valuer and can not set a price higher than voiced.Upon creation of an LLC easier. The appraiser need when making property more expensive than 20 thousand R. In this case the minimum allowed share capital - 10 thousand rubles, it is necessary to draw up a report with a unanimous decision of the founders on the value of the property, signed by them all. If the founder one enough his sole decision.
The contribution to the authorized capitaland the assets necessary to register also in the relevant sections of the Memorandum and articles of Association if the founders have more than one. The Charter can also be specified, what property may be contributed to the authorized capital, what is not.Samples of these documents can be found on the Internet.These documents are usually standard, but no one will stop you if you want to adjust the sample to fit your needs and to coordinate the resulting with a lawyer or consultant of the Agency for development of entrepreneurship.
You will also need to draw up a statement transfer of property to the balance established by the company. If the founders of more than one act must be signed by each of them. When all necessary documents are ready, the problem of the share capitaland of your future enterprise solved. So you can attach them to pack other necessary paperwork and submit to the tax office.