Methods of dealing with stuttering depends on the degree of speech disorders. There are three stages: mild (seen only in a very excited state), medium (stuttering occurs in familiar surroundings) and severe (accompanied by a whole speech). While I share three types of flow disturbance: constant, wave-like and recurrent.
To overcome stuttering, don't talk too loud or too quiet. Better to think in advance what you want to say, and then calmly and slowly to explain everything, pronouncing the syllable on syllable, word by word and sentence by sentence.
During a conversation, sit or stand up straight. This will help to take a deep breath, which is so important to monitor the situation. Inhale deeply and rapidly through the mouth.
Breath direct the vowel sounds, not consonants. If the word starts with a vowel sound, you say its a low tone. And try to stretch all vowel sounds: any word of the sentence must form a polysyllabic word.
Overcome stuttering with the help of breathing exercises. The most effective exercise "Pump". Stand up straight and put your hands down – it's original position.
Then bend forward, drop your head and hands. Make a quick and noisy breath (as if you want to smell the floor). Then lift up (but not completely unbent), while making a passive inhale and exhale.
Following this lean again and take a noisy breath. Need to do alternately eight times, then relax again, the approach for eight breaths. Maximum load of twelve approaches, but for the first time will be enough for several exercises, gradually increasing the load.