You will need
  • - a drumstick;
  • - conventional flat stick of small size.
Put a stick perpendicular to the palm between the index and middle fingers. Slowly begin to move the wand in a convenient direction. In the course closely monitor the implementation of this operation, try to keep your training the sample was kept between two fingers.
In the initial stages, if it turns out not very good, help yourself and the other toes. Over time, the rotation will get you better and better. During practical classes try to eliminate unnecessary movements of the hand. Try to work with one brush.
During training keep your fingers as evenly as possible, is allowed only a slight bend in the phalanx. Also try to relax your palm.
To improve the efficiency of the process, you can also perform auxiliary exercises that will help you to develop the fingers. Thanks to them you will be able to quickly master the technique of rotation of the sticks. First, make single strokes on the drum surface (or table) according to the scheme P-L-P-L-P-L, where N is the rotation sticks to the right and L – left.
Practice this exercise until, until you can perform it with ease, without strain. After practicing this exercise proceed to the next.
Perform double strokes on the drum surface in accordance with the scheme: P-P-L-L-P-P-L-L-P-P-L-L. Immediately after the development of this rhythm, try to make changes to a diagram such as P-L-P-P-L-P-L-L-P-L-P-P.
To learn technique of rotation of the sticks will also help you make any video. Please see the fragments of films from the drumming, and also attend demonstration sessions of the fighters of the Eastern school of martial arts. Remember every movement of professionals, and at the first opportunity try to play it.