In article 296 of the Civil code stipulates that any institution may exercise its rights in respect of fixed assets according to objectives and tasks. St. 39 p. 11 of the RF Law "On education" allows educational institutions to act as lessor of the property after it was deleted the requirement that the consent of the settlor at the rental property. To this end, the Charter school in the section on financial and economic activities must be provided for disposal of the property. Also there should be a prohibition on transactions which may result in the alienation of property assigned to an educational institution.
Before signing the rental agreement must be to carry out an expert assessment to consider the implications of such contract to the educational process. She is the founder, so he can control the process of renting. If the results show that there will be a deterioration in the terms of training and education of children, the contract did not sign. If such examination is not performed, the contract is void. The law provides no criteria for expertise, so in practice everything is done on the basis of subjective opinions.
The lease is made in accordance with the requirements of the Civil code (Chapter 34). Is it in written form. A lease of immovable property for a period of a year or more provides for the state registration in territorial body of Federal registration service. Here with the corresponding statement addresses one of the parties to the contract. To the lease of immovable property attached floor plans of the building indicating the leased area.
Funds derived from the lease of the premises which are in state or municipal property, the Budget code as regards the revenues of the appropriate budget after paying all the stipulated taxes and fees.