You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • system "Bank - client";
  • - details of the payee (as a minimum name, account number, and BIC).
Log in to the system "Bank-client". Often it is necessary to use the keys on the removable storage medium received in the Bank when you connect to this service. In many credit organizations, by default it is included in the package provided when opening the account the legal person or the individual entrepreneur. In another scenario, you can order it separately at once upon account opening or later.
Using the system interface, go to the page of formation of bills.
Assign the payment order number. The history of all payments made by you via "Bank-client" is reflected in the system. However, it is useful to record also on the paper carrier or in electronic form on your own computer. This is especially important if you also pass the bills on paper.
Please fill out the box intended for the recipient's details. It is safest to copy them from an electronic source: invoices, contracts, bills generated on the website of the FTS of Russia (in the case of taxes and state fees), and others. If this is not possible, enter the data manually, but be very careful: at the slightest mistake, the payment will not reach the intended recipient.
In most cases, when you specify the Bank details you only need to enter the BIC of the Bank where the account is opened at the recipient of payment. The rest of the information system will select itself. However, the beneficiary name and number of a current account can only enter you.
Specify the amount and purpose of payment, select the sequence, stopping at the closest paragraph drop-down menu.
Ready payment system you can save to send later or send it for execution to the Bank. Depending on the decision, select the appropriate command in the menu. After sending the payment order to work you can track its execution in the system interface.