You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - Bank account details of the employee;
  • - the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 106н;
  • - documents of the company, including the Bank account details of the company.
Open the program installed on the computer intended for electronic payments. In many firms used the Internet Bank. Enter the password assigned to your company when registering the software. Open the payment order. Select the document number. In most cases, the number assignment takes place automatically. Write the code status, sign your organization as a taxpayer. When the OPF of an individual entrepreneur enter "09". The list of codes prescribed in the order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia No. 106н.
Write real date of the payment order. Enter the name of the payment, in most cases, the money is transferred electronically, at least — with the help of the Telegraph, mail. Enter the amount of wages the employee who performed the transfer. The words "million", "cents" email in full, without abbreviations. In the administration of compensation in rubles, write "=".
Now write the name of the company in accordance with the Charter, other constituent document. Specify force of the company. Enter the surname, initials of persons registered as individual entrepreneurs, if the enterprise has the corresponding BPA. And for the UI is written only INN. Specify the account number from which you want to transfer funds, don't forget to enter the details of the Bank where the account is opened.
Then completely fill in the employee's personal data, which translates remuneration for the performance of labor functions. Specify the number of his Bank account, the name of the Bank where he opened and Bank details including BIC address of the correspondent account.
In the graph "purpose of payment" write "wages." Moreover, reference number, date employment agreement (contract) concluded with a specialist when applying for the position. Specify the amount of remuneration, applying the proper deductions. Subtract from the result of income tax, enter the amount in the column "amount of payment". Save the payment order, submit to the Bank for debiting the amount from your current account.