Advice 1: How to cancel a temporary registration

Temporary registration are required to register all citizens who have arrived to the place of temporary residence. To temporarily register, you will need the personal presence of the owner or his written consent. Registration is automatically terminated at the expiration of the period specified in the application during its execution or at any time can be terminated early at the request of the owner of the property.
How to cancel a temporary registration
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership.
In accordance with the changes made by the Government of the Russian Federation, rules of temporary registration much easier. Since November 2010, citizens have the right to obtain a temporary registration much faster by submitting an electronic application to a single portal of public services at Citizen who filed the application will assign the activation code that you can obtain a certificate confirming the availability of residence almost immediately. Authorized employees of the territorial migration service shall, within three calendar days to notify the landlord that the living space made a temporary registration.
If the owner does not agree due to the fact that the register citizen did not agree with him that action and did not notify him in person, registration may be immediately cancelled. To do this the owner must apply to the territorial branch of the migration service with the application, passport and certificate of ownership of housing.
In the case that the owner is personally present at the registration or notarial gave his permission for temporary residence in his living space, he has the right at any time to apply to the territorial migration service, to make a statement, passport, certificate of ownership of housing and to cancel the registration. To be a registered citizen with a passport is not necessary.
Temporary registration automatically ends once the time specified in the application submitted to the territorial migration service in its design, so if the registered owner or citizen has expressed a desire to cancel the temporary registration, it still will automatically end. Extension of temporary registration by the territorial migration services based on the application of the citizen with the consent of the owner of the property.

Advice 2 : How to cancel registration

The company, which has its own trademark, registered in Rospatent, in the event of liquidation of the organization must cancel the registration of designation. This is a statement of the established sample. Based on the normative document from July 1996, approved by Rospatent in the statement fit the data on the owner of the logo and package are passed to the appropriate authority.
How to cancel registration
You will need
  • - cancellation of a trademark registration at liquidation of the legal entity - the owner of the trademark from June 27, 1996;
  • - extract from the register of legal entities about the liquidation of the company;
  • - documents of the organization - the owner of the trademark;
  • - the passport of the representative of the enterprise;
  • - power of attorney of the representative;
  • - certificate of registration of the trademark.
In accordance with the law, the owner of the mark in case of liquidation of the company shall be obliged to notify in time, the Rospatent. For this written statement. In the header of the document, specify the name of the body, where the address request to cancel the registration of the logo. Enter the full address of the location of Rospatent, including the index.
Usually, trademarks are registered in the name of a legal entity. Enter the name of your company, which should correspond to the name, specified in the Charter, other constituent document. Enter the address of the location of the business. If trademark is registered in the name of a natural person, an individual entrepreneur, write his / her personal data and address registration.
Write a contact phone number where you can be reached. When registering trademarks with Rospatent issued a certificate. Enter the document number assigned by the relevant body.
In the content of the statements, write your request for cancellation of a trademark registration. Specify the number of the certificate. Enter the reason for cancellation occurs. In this case, such is to eliminate.
Submit extract from the unified state register, confirming the fact of liquidation of the company. Order your pre-tax authority by filling out an application on a special form with the necessary documents, the list of which is established by the legislation. In case of cancellation of registration of trademark of foreign organizations included, in addition to extracts from the register, extract from judicial decisions and other normative acts.
Sign a statement indicating the position, surname, initials and also the date of the document. In accordance with the legislation, this statement may write to the legal representative of a company Director. But it is allowed if the power of attorney to make on behalf of another Trustee. In this case, attach the document confirming powers of the representative.
Pass the application documents to Rospatent. Within ten days to the address specified in the application, you will receive a notification on the basis of which you will need to confirm the accuracy of the information. The address of the company that is specified in the extract from the register, is sent such a notice. To answer it it is necessary within two months. And within four months of registration of a trademark shall be cancelled.
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