Wait for the temporary residence permit. In this case, upon completion, the tenant is automatically discharged. In case of failure to vacate the apartment of this citizen will be discharged in accordance with the Housing code of the Russian Federation.
If prior to the date of provisional registration far away, and the tenant to voluntarily leave (and move out) is not going to have the opportunity to discharge him on the basis of a judicial decision. The claim, of course, you have to justify their desire. The petition should indicate the reason for your intention ahead of time to remove from registration of such tenant. If there are grounds – the court will satisfy the claim. No – wait, when the period of temporary registration ends. That is, you need to prove that the Respondent uses the specified premises for other purposes (may instead of stay where he organized trade) substantially worsens the condition of your home or sublet the apartment to any third parties without asking your consent. The reason you are required to document or to bring witnesses. In addition to this evidence, submit to the court documents outlining your rights of ownership of the premises, a copy of the contract with the defendant. If the tenant still does not pay for utilities, apply to a claim payment penalty. Gather evidence. If your tenant before the sale of the apartment written undertaking to change the place of temporary registration, but for some reason this is not going to apply to a claim and this agreement.
If the decision of the court a temporary registration of the tenant in your apartment will end, please contact the passport office, show them the solution and your guest will be removed from the register.
Now, if uninvited guests are still in your apartment, please contact assistance of judicial officers, presenting to them the decision of the court. Eviction will occur in the enforcement procedure.