Do not expect that the husband will right itself. If you dutifully take down the aggression in his address, the man will increasingly pour their negativity on you. Stop looking for excuses for your spouse, no problems at work can't excuse assault.
Do not think that the aggression is simply a character trait of your spouse. People can be prickly, but knowing that their line, poured their expression in the works or just to flame the mythical offender. If, instead, he angrily yells at his wife, this situation needs to be corrected.
Talk to the husbandwhen he is in normal mood. Explain that you will not be able all his life to fear of his bad mood. Offer to go to counseling. Specialist will analyse your specific case and give you sound advice.
Often aggression in men followed by a period of remorse and piercing gentleness as he tenderly cares for you and brings coffee in bed. But soon this phase ends, and the husband starts again "rant and rave". The strong floor is not less weak is exposed to the riot of hormones. Notice the cyclical nature of its metamorphoses and direct his energy in a more useful and enjoyable course – sex.
Realizing there are signs that the coming of the next storm, meet not in a Bathrobe in the kitchen, in erotic lingerie in the bedroom. Each person is different, and you surely know that in your intimate relationships like husband the most. Do this and more, but do not forget that sex should bring pleasure to both spouses. Usually, after such treatment of male aggression becomes a completely different, more gentle and affectionate.
Very well help to prevent conflicts in the family daily confidential communication with a spouse. If every night you will long time to talk over dinner and then relaxing in front of the TV, a man accustomed to share with you all their problems, knowing that he will always listen and support. Necessarily delve into the essence of the conversation, analyze what he heard, let's good advice and the next day take an interest in developments.
My husband will know that upon arriving home from work, he will get a hefty dose of warmth and love, reasonable words and sympathy. He no longer would be pointless to swing fists without receiving any benefits.
But this method will require considerably more time to notice results, if you missed the moment when the husband began to vent their anger on you. It is difficult to fight with the aggression of alcoholics and drug addicts. These people need to first heal, and then to build emotional relationships.
If you fear for their health and fear that her husband will not accept the good words and exhortations, prepare a small bag with everything you need (documents, money, personal items) and hide it near the door. When comes the critical moment, grab her and run away. You can agree in advance with a friend or family to give you shelter.
In complex cases, seek advice by calling a crisis center for women. The phones are staffed by specialists (psychologists, doctors, lawyers) who know exactly what to do in a given situation.