Some couples get tired of each other and the routine of life after many years of married life, while others are horrified to realize that it's only been a few months after the wedding, and they no longer have strength to endure each other. Why is this happening and what can be done in this situation?In fairness it should be noted that more women are discontent in address men. In principle, this is understandable: the weaker sex is more sensitive, meticulous, demanding and fickle. Yes, it is because of the mood swings and women's inequality in the family is a lot of conflict. When irritation reaches its peak, it can be mangled a lot of wood and even destroy the family. To prevent this, you need to understand the reason of his irritability and act. For a start, clearly outline the list of what bugs you about her husband (it may be habits, qualities, character, actions and words) and frankly admit, was the husband right after the wedding or such action was characteristic of him during courtship. I agree that if you "through your fingers" looked to the future husband before the wedding, and he did not hide his faults, to accuse him of anything, at least, unfair. Next, consider how fundamentally that the husband acted differently. Maybe you just need to recognize what is wrong and appreciate what you do for him? Maybe this is a difficult period in your life, all fell on the fragile shoulders of women weak, and fatigue spills bouts of irritability?Try to focus on the positive. Write down what the husband does for you, and don't forget about the little things. Always thank him for his concern and to underline just how much you care. Praise will inspire and encourage mento become even better, a reason to be annoyed will be less and less. It's still possible that you get annoyed sometimes, and this is simply due to hormonal changes in the body. Suck it up and tell us about her feelings to her husband, so he can accommodate your needs. Remember that many of the family challenges are solved through open and honest communication.