You will need
  • lenses;
  • - the frame of the spectacles;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - transparent nail Polish;
  • fishing line;
  • - the heating device.
If the glass just fell out, carefully inspect the frame, to understand how it was fixed. The easiest way to insert the glass into the frame, fixing the lens with tiny screws. Using a suitable screwdriver remove the screw through and attach the dropped glass.
Grasp the edge of the rim with your fingers and insert the screw. Gently tighten the screw as tightly as possible. If it is too small, use tweezers or tweezers. He never loosened on their own, pre-lubricate it with clear nail Polish.
Perhaps glass in your frame is attached thus: at the top a metal frame, and the bottom – with a thick transparent fishing line passing through the groove in the end face of the lens. In this case, to fix the glass, try to replace the line on a new one, fixing its ends in holes in the frame.
First, thread your line through the hole with one hand, pull, pass into the first hole on the other side. Holding the line with your finger, cut short the tip and pulling the edge of the rim, push the tip into the second hole.
Difficult to insert glass in a plastic one-piece frames, first try to just clip the lens manually. Attach one of the wide edges to the frame, and the second stalkivaet inside, applying force (within reasonable limits).
Try to do it in different ways – often, this method brings rapid results, but you can break the frame or glass. If points you the road – better to give the workshop.
So the plastic expanded and became more soft, slightly heat it and then try to fix the glass. Note that this hole will get bigger, and the lens is likely to fall increasingly.