Go to the reception to the optometrist, if you wore glasses. To start using the lens without a consultation with a specialist, as there are a number of contraindications, which you might not expect. After examination of the fundus, the ophthalmologist will give you recommendations on the type and brand of lenses.
Purchase lenses based on the prescription. If you take the wrong, eye problems can worsen. Follow the doctor's instructions and not the advice of a pharmacist or sales assistant.
Wash hands under running water with antibacterial gel. Rinse thoroughly to completely remove cleanser. Otherwise, it may fall on the mucous membranes and cause tearing. Dry wipe your hands or wait until they dry out naturally.
Remove the lens from the package and rinse it in a special solution. After that, determine where the inner and outer side. In principle, it is difficult to make a mistake, as the lenses are somewhat similar to the plate – have an anatomical shape of the eye.
Direct the eye upwards and gently pull down the lower eyelid. Second hand insert the lens, then looked down. Close the eyesto they are accustomed to a foreign body. If you experience discomfort, then blinked or massage the upper eyelid to make the lens better got up. Repeat the same procedure with the second eye.
If you have flushed the mucosa of the eyes or other discomfort, remove lenses. Lift the upper eyelid, gently slide the lens down, pinch with two fingers and remove. Call your doctor and describe the problem in detail. It is possible that you are allergic to the solution or individual intolerance to the lenses. In some cases, the culprit redness is inflammation to deal with that by using special drops.