The first step to creating your site on Yandex.People is to register on the website Yandex. If you already have access to the personal section of Yandex, you can use it, or create a new account.
The login specified at registration will be the address of your site (логин So think about it thoroughly. Because the address of the website is the first of what meets your visitor! Later you can add the website to your own domain, purchased from a Russian Registrar.
The designer of the website is a mechanism for creating and editing site, for which not required any special knowledge. Enough basic skills to operate the computer.
After authorization at the Yandex site, click on the link "People" on the main page Next, click on the link "Create a website using the designer" on the home page of the service.
Follow the prompts to choose the specifics of the site (commercial, personal, site, fan club, website from scratch). In the next step you need to be the name of the website and upload a logo.
Attention! All data entered into the future can be changed!
The last stage of the creation of the website on Yandex.The people is selecting the layout and style of design. The layout of the website represents the layout of columns on a page. For example, the main field you may have one or in the Central part can accommodate one narrow column and one wide space for the main text. The maximum number of columns on a page or three. Column width can be adjusted later.
Design options offer the main styles of design web sites (simply, red, tender, avant-garde, blue). The selected variant will be the starting point for the flight of your creative imagination.
The last thing you need to decide is the main font. The left hand column shows the fonts most frequently used in creating sites with sample text of this font.
Your site is now available at логин But it still need to be filled with information. Clicking in the edit section of the website, you can create page content, add and move pages, set their properties, and change the design. In the top panel you will find all the necessary tools.
To place text, click the Main tab and select the type of information (text, contacts, menus, news, search). Simply drag the desired icon to the selected block on the page. Click "Write". In the opened window you can enter and format text.
An important detail is marked "to be Placed on all page. If you put a tick next to it, this unit will be common for the entire website. For example, this is useful for blocks, menu and contacts.
Tab "Media" allows you to post images. If you use Yandex.Pictures, you can connect to your new site. To obtain the responses will post on the website feedback form or guestbook. These mechanisms are available in the tab "Communication".
At the top of the edit page of the website posted drop-down menu. With it, you can go to the page design changes and customizations of the site, to see, to remove the website or to make it basic. Your main website will open at логин